Cedar Hollow

40 acres nestled in between hundreds of acres of paper company, state and county land.

The Champ!

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I searched for my own hunting land for nearly 5 years before I finally found what I was looking for, a secluded 40 bordering approximately 2000 acres of public land.  I closed on the land in Spring, 2003 and on the easement in Fall, 2003.  My dad, my brother and I put a lot of sweat equity into clearing the road, which is a legal easement purchased from the paper company.   

After clearing the road in, leveling it and building a bridge; here sits our humble abode, a 70's model Dodge Champion motor home in a grove of cedars.  Dad picked it up for cheap and everything works on it, including the furnace.  My brother acquired a Satellite (Porta-potty) for cheap and then he and my dad painted it to match it's surroundings. 

We hunted the land for the first time during the 2003 hunting season.  Due to the amount of time and work put into creating the camp, we didn't get to scout much.  Our stands provided many opportunities to see does and fawns, but no bucks.  The first deer was taken by myself on Saturday of the final weekend.  She was a huge doe. 

In 2004, we implemented QDM and agreed that we would only shoot bucks 6 points or better.  Dad and my brother passed on several spikes and forks.  I was able to harvest a nice 6-pointer (see "Fun and Game" section).  In 2005 and going forward, the agreement between our camp and 2 others in control of a total of 549 acres plus access to about 2000 additional acres of state and county land has been to harvest only bucks with reasonable measurements preferably 130 inches or better, no basket racks.      

There are Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Waterfowl and Rabbits out here to hunt as well.  Due to the busy beavers, there are many dead trees which makes it a haven for woodpeckers.  There are four lakes nearby all of which provide good fishing during all seasons.  The state snowmobile trail is nearby and there a number of 4-wheeler trails which present great opportunities for motorized fun.

In March 2004, we were fortunate enough to be allowed to participate in the lease of 276 acres of paper company land to the West of us.  Dad, my brother and I now share exclusive hunting rights to the plot with 2 other camps that own a total of 120 acres along the highway.         

In my eyes, it's a little slice of heaven which myself, my family and select friends will enjoy for years to come.  We plan on building a cabin over the next 2-3 years.