Cedar Hollow

40 acres nestled in between hundreds of acres of paper company, state and county land.

Kills, Sheds, Plots & Miscellaneous Pictures


Cedar Hollow's first deer, a huge doe harvested on the final weekend of the 2003 season.

Cedar Hollow's Second Deer, a 6 point buck shot during the opening weekend of the 2004 season. 

Trophy Pose, September 2006

Brother's 2007 Buck. 


Looks like one of my target bucks for 2007 survived and I hope to see him in 2008.


A couple small 30 x 30 foot woodland food plots I put in.

Miscellaneous Pictures

A little target practicing.

Moose marshmallows!

Poor Great Gray.  Hit by a car on the highway.

These were all taken with a 35mm Stealth Cam, it lasted one season.  Now it's homebrew only!

Twins on the Trail Cam!

Lions and Tigers and ......

Finally, one with horns!

Hornless and Horny.


August 2006 Buck in Velvet.  

A little bigger, August 2006.